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FMG TV: How to Create Full Brows a la Cara Delevingne

Greta EaganComment

If you haven't yet tried the full brow look, I highly recommend it! It is an easy way to transform your look without a lot of makeup. Cara Delevingne has made the thick brow look her signature and inspires an enhanced modern look with a natural beauty feel. 

To recreate Cara's awesome eyebrows I asked eco makeup artist Kristen Arnett, the founder of, to lay out some simple tips to do a full brow at home. Watch the video to tune into this beauty tutorial and shop the links below for Kristen's pure product picks. Choose two colored eyebrow pencils that range within your natural brow and hair color. Both Sante and Logona are European based and certified companies offering natural cosmetics of the highest standards- free from parabens, synthetics and fragrances. 

1. EYEBROW PENCIL 02 BRUNETTE, Logona, $17. 

2. EYEBROW PENCIL 01 BLONDE, Sante, $15.