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FMG TV: How to Get an Easy Bold Lip

Greta EaganComment

Ahh- the bold lip. It's amazing how a single beauty trend can change the look and feel of your whole outfit. Well, that's assuming you are courageous enough to sport one! If you've been hesitant to try the bold lip for fear of doing it wrong or winding up looking like a hungover prom date, we've got your back. 

Kristen Arnett, the eco-fabulous lady behind, joined me to help show you how to get an effortless bold lip in just a few easy steps. Click through on the image above or here to watch the bold lip tutorial video.

And, now that you are feeling confident in your bold lipped beauty, here are a couple non-toxic lipsticks to try:

BANG BANG LIPSTICK, Ilia, $26. #leadfree #nontoxic

VIB ROUGE LIPSTICK, Bite Beauty, $28. #parabenfree #fragrancefree #triclosanfree