Three Directories to Help You Shop Eco in Beauty, Home, and Fashion

When I first entered the green scene I craved a directory that could help guide me to the brands doing better and make it easier to shop by category. I almost created one myself! Yet, running FMG and working on Wear No Evil kept me busy. Luckily, today we have a few different resources that offer that directory search.

CLEAN BEAUTY DIRECTORY- Think Dirty. Think Dirty is an app that helps you look up or scan products while you are out shopping and gives you a clean or dirty rating to help guide you towards more natural and toxin-free products.

ECO HOME GUIDE- Green Home Guide. This is more like a compilation of blog posts and resources put into categories and sub-categories to help you make greener choices for your home. If you are renovating or decorating, it is a great place to check in and get some eco guidance. 

BETTER FASHION DIRECTORY- Project Just. Project Just is amazing. They have an online search feature that lets you search by brand name and category. Once you find the brand you are looking for they give you a full breakdown on what the brand is doing that is good, and also not so good. Armed with information, you get to decide which brands you want to support with your dollars. Just is ready to add 100 more brands to their list, and asking for our help. We can donate to their crowdsourcing fund here. I am so overjoyed that someone is making this directory happen- it is a huge resource for the eco fashion community!  #IAMJust