And, I'm back!

And, I'm back!

Five months without blogging. Wow. That flew by! I must say, I really did need a break, and some time to recharge and reset. Thank you for your patience and understanding to allow me to do so. As I'm sure you could tell from my last post, 2016 was a doozy and though it isn't one I would want to repeat, I am far enough on the other side of it to now see the benefits. The introspection and growth I had to go through were challenging, and I am so grateful for that push to keep evolving. Life is never constant, and I am learning to flow with it. It is much more fun and a lot less stressful when you flow. So, as it turns out, blogging is flowing back in. And truth be told, I did miss it. 

So, I'm back! I'm ready for a fresh take. To share a more rounded view of what my life is like, and my journey to living a more conscious lifestyle. Life is a journey, and I don't have the roadmap all planned out, but it will be an adventure. Are you up for an adventure? Cool. Me too. 

I've been cooking a lot again, and am excited to share that with you guys. I'm learning about the Paleo diet, and want to customize it to be a Paleo Vegetarian diet that is still nutritiously sound and supportive. Anyone know much about that? I'm also excited to create more fashion editorial style shoots to share eco brands. I always love a good photo shoot! So yeah, content-wise, it might be a bit all over the place, but I do hope you'll enjoy what I have to share and weigh in with your own stories or advice or links to share products in the comments. I'd really love for FMG to become a place where we share more. I'll start and set the tone. Kay? Let's make this an amazing resource for eco-fabulous living!

And I just want to say, thanks. Thanks for coming with me on my journey, and for visiting my site. I put a lot of love and energy into it and I hope it provides value to you. Okay, here we go- onwards and upward!