Three Eco-Friendly Belt Bags

The fanny pack is making a comeback... in a chicer, more fashionable way. Some of us may remember neon fanny packs cinched around waists with clunky plastic clasps or velcro. They were a family staple for hiking trips and the designated granola bar and map carriers. Super handy and easily kept out of the way while enjoying the outdoors, or sightseeing in Europe. Yet, for all the balking we do when the word fanny pack is mentioned, one things remains true- they are incredibly useful. 

So, when their design was revisited and reimagined by folks with fashion sense, a new version of the fanny pack was born. Enter the belt bag. Made from luxe materials and finished with high fashion metals and tags, everyone from Gucci to Celine have jumped on the bag belt boat. Lucky for us conscious-minded consumers, we've got options too. Check out my top three belt bags to sport this summer below. Honestly, I can think of nothing better than a stylish hands-free bag for traveling or even a night out. Once you've finished having a good laugh about the fact you are seriously entertaining getting a fanny pack, go ahead and indulge. It might be the best purchase you make all summer.

AKI CORAL BELT BAG, Matt & Nat $66.50 #vegan #recyclednylon

POCKET BUM BAG IN BLACK, Hipsters for Sisters $145 #madeinLA #ethical #sustainable #vegan #organiccotton 

THE MARFA BELT BAG, Madewell $59.50 #vegetabletannedleather