Fabulous Ski Hat Hair

5 IdeasTo Seductivley Brave the Cold This Winter:

  1. Before gearing up for that breathtaking ski run dampen your hair, apply a little bit of Giovannis Natural Hairstyling Foam and french braid your hair to fit perfectly under that stylish ski hat. When you’re finished braving the moutnains take the french braid out for a pleasant surprise…beautiful waves, brush through with your fingers and your ready for a night out of the lodge.
  2. Even though your bod might be cold, your head can still be hot. After wearing yet another fashion foward cap, sprinkle a little Skinnyskinny Organic Dry Shampoo on those roots to not only add some texture and volume, but also remove any trace of oil from the winter days activities for a fresh new look.
  3. Make someone elses mistake your greatest fashion trend with the sharp Peek-a-Boo Pontytail Knits. Yes..thats right, keep that gorgeous ponytail and beautifully fight the freeze.
  4. Go chic with the top 6 Trendiest hat styles: The Fedora, The Beret, Newsboy Cap, Trapper Hat, Cloche Hat and Shearling Bucket Hat.
  5. Make it sassy but simple with 3 easy hair styles: A low offset bun or all hair classically pulled to one side, loose barrel curls with a big barrel curling iron, and backcombing at the crown to add a little sass to your class.

Fight the freeze with fashion!




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  1. Ana says:

    Though I’m not on the ski slopes all that much, winter is pretty long where I live, so I’ll take any hair tips I can get; quick and easy is just what I need – especially for winter! I generally don’t have a lot of time to spend on my hair – unless it’s a very special occasion – and in the winter, all the hoods and hats would make the effort almost in vain. So after reading this, I’ve concluded that I absolutely need to get that Peek-a-Boo Ponytail Knit – or at least try making one myself – and try some more hat styles too. Thank you!

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