Hi, I'm Greta.

Welcome to Fashion Me Green! I created FMG to showcase stylish living with an eco spin. I believe you can be stylish and sustainable without sacrifice. I hope you'll join me & find inspiration & resources here!


The February before last, we lived in Tokyo for just one month. It was such a whirlwind and wonderful experience. Our apartment was in Roppongi and every day I would take the side streets and walk to Omotesando to grab groceries from the health food store, take time for myself at Pure Cafe, and wander in and out of the many fashion shops. Returning to this neighborhood brought a new kind of comfort as familiarity in a city that is so big. 

Last time I was in Tokyo, I felt such pressure to 'fit in' and dress as the Japanese girls do. This time, I don't feel that need at all. Maybe it is because I am older and more secure in my style. What I am loving about this trip is the ability to see fashion expressed in various ways and take note of what I like and how I would wear it- adding to my fashion repertoire. 

It is still so hot here in Tokyo, so comfort is leading my street style selections. 


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