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Reading List 

I love to read. Mostly uplifting fiction that is well written, and lots of non-fiction that falls under the genres of business (start up/ entrepreneur) and self help. If this sounds like your jam, check out my reading list below and please shoot me a message on Instagram for any book recos you may have. xx 

Lily And the octopus 

If you are or have ever been a dog owner, this book is for you. A humorous and intimate telling of that companion relationship that you get only from a dog. And, if you know dachshunds, you will appreciate the accurate representation of that breed's incredible personality. The writing is witty and intimate. 

You are a badass at making money 

This book is the Law of Attraction for money personified. Jen Sincero has created an amazing life for herself and shares her abundance-making secrets- which translate across all careers, environments, etc. I've enjoyed starting my day with this book and setting the stage for how I think about and interact with money. Her no bullshit writing style is entertaining and real. Sincero gets to the heart of our relationship, offering exercises to help heal and create a positive and fulfilling interaction with money, and therefore life. Highly recommended. 

Sweet Bitter 

I am so proud of this author. She captured the hustle of NYC and the restaurant scene completely and poetically. I also applaud her writing. She has picked up on the subtlety of life and the nuances of people- crafting sentences that paint images in your mind. And her descriptions of food are works of art. I like the layout style of this book too. You can easily read one or two sections before bed, like a late night snack. Deliscious! 

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