Want to make a statement? Turn up your volume!

Organically transform your locks with one of Aveda’s top rated volumizing blends of Acacia gum and Kaolin Clay. Effortlessly intensify your hair, and don’t be afraid to be nautrally BEAUTIFUL!

PURE ABUNDANCE VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO by Aveda, $16.00. Mom and Dad always told you to eat your vegetables right? Vegetables are the primary reason that this voumizing shampoo packs an all natural punch for volume. You’ll also find certified organic acacia gum, the key ingredient that lifts your roots, thickening and filling out your hair with ease.

PURE ABUNDANCE VOLUMIZING CLAY CONDITIONER by Aveda, $16.00. Have a bold breakthrough with Aveda’s lightweight  natural koalin clay formula. Oily hair nor dry hair will stop this conditioner from adding more abundance in your life. This daring duo works harmoniuosly to up the ante with your volume.

Stylist Tip: 3 Easy Ways to Add Volume:

  1. When blow drying your hair, dry the roots in the opposite way of where you want them to lay at the finish of you new ‘do.
  2. Add just a smidge of all Natural Dry Shampoo or Hair Powder to the crown area and brush upward. For dark hair lovleys blow dry after to eliminate the white cast.
  3. Place 3 to 4 hot rollers on the crown area, rolling them away from your face, let cool, brush out and be shocked at the instant lift!

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