style + sustainability - sacrifice

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Fashion Me Green is an online resource for inspired conscious living. My goal is to show you that being stylish and sustainable are not mutually exclusive. This site features brands, products and places that align with the #wearnoevil code featured in my book. That means that everything highlighted on this site meets both my personal style standard as well as at least one eco factor (check out the Green Guide to see what the #wearnoevil code is all about). I hope you enjoy learning more about living a beautiful and conscious life and getting to know the existing resources that will help you achieve it.  xx Greta


At the age of eight, Greta Eagan was wearing lipstick to bed. She thoughtfully chose her outfit for school the next day, applied her signature lip color, and carefully folded herself beneath the covers into bed. You could say her fate to work in fashion and beauty was sealed then and there (with Chanel's #104 'Passion' no less!). 

Today, Greta is a multi-media creative professional based in Los Angeles, CA. Her passions include: creative direction and production (including print , video, film, and online content production), creative consulting, social media, hosting and styling. She is also the author of Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe (Running Press, 2014), a timely style bible that helps us merge our personal style with our personal values- without sacrifice!

Shortly after graduating from the London College of Fashion, Greta founded, a sustainable fashion awareness project turned blog and creative agency, which propelled her into the realm of creative production and big brand collaborations with brands like Kate Spade, The Outnet and Eileen Fisher. 

Additionally, she has contributed to and worked with publications in print and online, including Glamour, Lucky Magazine and the Huffington Post. She has made TV appearances for fashion and beauty segments, hosted Aspen Fashion Week for Outdoor Television, and been both a panel and keynote speaker at conferences around the world including SXSW Eco.

Eagan continues to create and direct a broad spectrum of fashion and beauty media, from magazine editorials, to videos, brand books, look books, campaigns and marketing materials. You can follow her on Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter at @gretaeagan.