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Day & Night Power Players for Perfect Skin

Greta EaganComment

I’ve been searching for the perfect product pairing to help even my complexion, provide ample moisture, and offer effective protection from harsh environmental factors (like sun and pollution). Luckily, at a beauty event last night in NYC, I ran in to the eco beauty queen, Kristen Arnett from Green Beauty Team. She was sweet enough to let me pick her brain about products and ingredients, and between the two of us, I think I may have pinned down the best pure products to use in my night and day regimen. Want to join me in my quest for glowing healthy skin? Here’s the hit list:


1. PUMPKIN SEED NIGHT SERUM, Om Aroma, $58. This awesome serum came as a recommendation by Kristen. This organic face oil renews the skin through cellular regeneration and provides intensive repair treatment with Fatty Acids and Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc. Plus it includes rose hips seed oil, which has been shown to reverse scar and sun damage, while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. Apply an even layer after washing and pat drying your face.

2. THE SOLUTION, Arcona, $45. Reverse signs of photo-aging, smooth fine lines and clear acne-prone skin with amino sugars and glycoproteins. Layer this nighttime treatment over the pumpkin serum for added moisture and to help clarify acne-prone or combination skin.


1. ORGANIC NOURISHING TREATMENT OIL, Dr, Alkaitis, $80. Kristen suggests that after your morning cleanse, apply this super oil to clean damp skin to help seal in moisture. This antioxidant rich oil helps create a layer of skin defenders who fight environmental pollutants. You can use it on your hair and body too!

2. SPF 30 TINTED MINERAL MOISTURIZER, Juice Beauty, $29. This 4-in-one hydrator blends chemical-free SPF 30, minerals for coverage, and antioxidant rich grape and aloe for a radiant, protected, even-toned complexion. A Daily Essential for all skin types. I’ve used this product before and it helps you keep a dewy complexion so is perfect for spring and summer (tho does not really mattify, so if you are going for that I would suggest you use powder to help set everything). This is one of the rare SPF moisturizers that does NOT contain Titanium Dioxide and still offers protection with a touch of color to even out your skin.