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Top Three Natural & Safe Sunscreens

Greta EaganComment

We hear it from our dermatologists and just about every beauty or fashion magazine out there… ‘Don’t leave the house without putting on sunscreen!’ Yet, you may be struggling to satisfy that request while upholding your commitment to use cleaner products that are less toxic. Traditionally, sunscreen has been a pretty chemical- heavy concoction. Luckily, we’ve learned more about what ingredients to avoid (PABA and oxybenzone have long been on the no fly zone, with the addition of retinyl palimnate which studies are showing may increase risk of skin cancer when used on skin exposed to sun!). The jury is still out on the use us Titanium Dioxide, but the fact that we are still unclear of the long term risks after having it in personal care products for so long is enough evidence for me personally to move it to the ‘bad’ list and choose products without it.

So, with all of that said, which sunscreens are safe and effective to use? I’ve narrowed it down to three that all get a 1 (out of a scale of 1- 10) on toxic level rating by theEnvironmental Working Group.

1. SUN LOVE- NATURAL SUN PROTECTION, Annemarie Gianni Skincare, $40. A great everyday sunscreen to use on your face, neck and shoulders for light to medium sun exposure.

2. NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACE SUNSCREEN AND PRIMER, Suntegrity, $45. Allure’s 2013 Best of Beauty Award Winner! This non-greasy face sunscreen is the perfect layer to wear beneath makeup with the added benefit of acting as a primer which helps create a more even and long lasting look.

3. PROTECT BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 ALL OVER SUNSCREEN, Beauty Counter, $26. This non-nano zinc oxide formula offers full spectrum protection for face and body. Additional antioxidants from green tea and blood orange extract offer natural protection from environmental pollutants.