Balancing a festive look with a modern sensibility seems daunting, but with this season's lip stain trend it's one of the easiest looks to pull off! All you need is a great lip color in a berry hue (cranberry red for lighter skin tones moving into the deeper blackberry purples for richer skin tones). Follow this step by step tutorial for a Thanksgiving look that's family appropriate- whether you are with yours or his- and brings a little something special to the table.

For my T-Day outfit, I usually pair jeans with a sweater and tee underneath, and layer on a scarf that might double as a blanket during my flight, as well as a puffy jacket that ensures I'll be warm without bulk. I find a low heeled boot is the perfect travel shoe. It's comfortable enough to wear all day and is perfect for any arrivals in snow. Finally, I cannot travel without a tote. A great carryall to stash work, mags, overnight toiletries (just in case you get stuck somewhere) and snacks makes traveling so much better. What are your travel must-haves? 

Thanksgiving beauty look

1. Create a fresh face base. This look is all about the lips, so to keep this look fresh you'll want to use a lighter application to create even skin tone and naturally healthy looking skin that isn't mask like. The key is to start with well hydrated skin by using a thick cream. After traveling, you may even need the extra hydration! Apply a layer of thick cream and let soak in for about ten minutes. This is also a great time to moisturize lips with lip balm. Put a dollop of foundation on the back of your hand and mix with a touch more of your face cream. Apply to face- really massaging it in. Add foundation with fingertips (tapping into skin) to red areas around the T-zone (nose, sides of nose, around mouth and under eyes). Brush any remaining foundation on your hand over eyelids.

2. Bronze or sculpt. Using a cream bronzer, add a touch of color below your cheekbones and at temples of forehead, as well as a touch under nose and bottom section at the front of the chin. Blend well.

3. Highlight. Using a cream illuminizer, apply to cheekbones, brow bones, cupid's bow, down bridge of nose and just above eyebrows. Blend well.

4. Brush brows and lightly fill in any gaps with a pencil (should be one shade lighter than your eyebrow hair). Brush through any applied color and shape into natural shape.

5. Eyes. Choose a neutral brown, mauve or grey color shadow. Also pick out a brown or grey eyeliner pencil that you can easily smudge into lashes. Start with the pencil and with small dashes line upper lid from the outer corner in. Using a stiff pointed brush, smudge pencil into lashes and slightly up lid. With a medium fluffy eye shadow brush, apply eye shadow at outer corner and pull in over lid and towards the inner corner. Stay light handed with the eyeshadow to avoid creating a heavy smokey eye. It should bring in a bit of color, but not be the focus of the look. Curl lashes and apply one to two coats mascara. Try to lengthen and separate lashes.

6.  Cheeks. Choose a color that is fresh and natural looking- rose pink or peachy. Swirl a small amount onto blush brush and tap off extra. With a light hand, apply at apples of cheeks and blend up and out as well as slightly down into bronzer. Layer lightly until desired effect is reached.

7. Cranberry Lips. Using a tissue, blot off lip balm. Warm your lip stain on your middle finger and press into lips. Lip stains are not meant to be perfect. Press in layers of color until you reach the hue you want. Then, go back in with a brush with a touch of stain on it and touch up any areas that need help (ie: corners of the mouth and outline). 

Going to give this makeup look a try? What other holiday looks do you love and fall back on? Would love to hear what beauty looks you are leaning into this Thanksgiving. 

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