With the change of seasons, comes the change of skincare. The cooler drier climate of winter can be harsh on skin, but with the right products its the perfect time to nourish it. I love to use oils, balms and heavier lotions to seal in moisture during the dry season. My absolute essentials for winter include the Face Oil from Little Barn Apothecary and Weleda's Skin Food. I also like to do a weekly mask (which I sleep in overnight) with a serum underneath (both from Tracie Martyn). Not neglecting eyes or lips, I use products specific to their delicate skin to keep them supple and happy. I'm loving the eye cream from Circ Cell and BeautyCoutner's Lip Balm. Finally, I consciously up my water intake and make hot water with fresh lemon throughout the day to stay warm and hydrated. What changes do you make moving into winter?