You know what they say, 'Paris is always a good idea.' And I couldn't agree more. Next month, I will be traveling to The City of Light, and will have all my beauty and travel essentials in tow. Before I visit a city, I like to scope out the scene online and try to get a sense for the style and attitude of the place. That way I will know what to bring! In packing for Paris, it is all about being classic and understatedly cool. A few choice pieces that are likely designer and of top quality fit the bill for fashion. On the beauty front, a Parisian woman is a timeless beauty who religiously uses her favorite products and a touch of makeup to perfect her look. They've got the 'no makeup makeup' look down! So, with a Carlo Ronchi toiletry bag from Manifatto, I've rounded up the beauty essentials perfect for Paris. I was thrilled to partner up with Manifatto for this post. They are a new online webshop curating the best in quality made goods that are classic and built to last from some of Europe's best manufacturers and designers. #ethical #fair #quality #local

Watch the video below to see what I'm packing, and you can shop the links a bit further down if you see anything you need for an upcoming trip. xx