For those who are actively engaged in the eco beauty and fashion scene, you will recall the emergence of A Green Beauty... first as a blog, then an online e-zine. But now, we have the luxury of thumbing through the recycled pages of A Green Beauty the print magazine (available online and at your local Whole Foods). Amazing! As an author with a book out there, something shifted inside me, and instead of devouring everything in a digital medium, I found a new respect and love for print. I was beyond thrilled when the Editor in Chief of A Green Beauty, Mara Schiavetti, asked me to pose for a feature in her first print edition. 

As you can tell, I am a fan! And, I am a HUGE fan of this publication existing in print- where I can collect each edition and stack them in my archives for future reference (like Nat Geo for eco fashion!).

For the full feature on Wear No Evil in this edition of A Green Beauty  or order a print copy online

(photo credit: the amazing Jason Lasswell)