Eco-Outfit: Blowing in the Wind

Sometimes you've just got to be open to the way the wind blows... There is a principle from my meditation practice that I try to follow which states that it is better to meet life's ups and downs with the same even mindedness. This is a tricky principle to practice, yet, I do try to remember it (especially when things don't seem to be going my way...) and just let the wind blow the way that it will- unattached to how it makes me feel so that I move through each experience gracefully.

BYRON LEATHER JACKET, The Sway NYC, $750 #upcycled

ARAN SWEATER, Chinti & Parker, $475 #carbonneutral #madeinEU

DRESS, this was actually one of my older sister's prom dresses! #secondhand #reuse

BOOTS (similar to ones shown), Rag & Bone, $525 #madeinItaly 

Many thanks to Lindsay Linton for choosing the perfect location and shooting this look! Shout out to Chinti & Parker and The Sway NYC, of which I am an eco ambassador for. Love working with you guys and feel so privileged to be able to style and feature your beautiful clothes!