Greta EaganComment


Greta EaganComment

In a city of cement and glass, I found found the forest... through a special lunch course set at one of Tokyo's finest restaurants, Narisawa. Rated as one of (if not the) most sustainable restaurants in the world, Narisawa is a culinary adventure that amuses both the intellect and the palette. When a friend of ours who lives in Tokyo invited us to lunch I had no idea what a treat we were in for! 

Over my visits to Tokyo, I have learned that there are more Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo than all of France. The attention to detail, and presentation coupled with inventive and classic taste combinations make it easy to see why. Trying to describe my meal would be an injustice (and a task I am utterly unprepared for), so we will let the pictures do the talking below. The images fall in the order of how they were served and are as mouthwateringly good as they look!

It was a happy coincidence that I wore my army green romper to a lunch that was called Evolve with the Forest. I can't say enough about Narisawa. If you are in Tokyo and ready to have one of the best meals of your life, go. 

GREEN ROMPER, H&M Conscious Collection #organic #naturalfibers

SNEAKERS, Nike Better World x Liberty #social

BYRON LEATHER JACKET, The Sway, $550. #upcycled