Greta EaganComment


Greta EaganComment

When I was in high school I prepared a presentation for my French class on Ile de la Cite. The famous island in the middle of Paris which houses the great Notre Dame cathedral. There was a written report, and even a miniature model (when your dad is an architect models and renderings become a separate language for communicating). Sadly, I don't remember much of the history, but I do remember the first time I visited Ile de la Cite as a seventeen year old on a school trip with my French-studying (and nervously trying to speak) classmates. The cathedral took my breath away, and deep down I knew there was something very spiritual and connected housed within those elaborate walls. Seeing the famous church again, the feelings returned. Some see religion at its worst (ominous and commanding) when they view the cathedral, but I see a beautiful piece of devotion. A building constructed out of devotion for something higher and personally interpreted by each of us. It was great to be back in her awe-inspiring presence, and if you haven't yet been to Ile de la Cite, I encourage you to go!

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