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Greta EaganComment

If you've been following along on SnapChat and Instagram (@gretaeagan), you know that I recently relocated to LA full time. Yay! I loved being in Jackson Hole for the past year and collaborating with some super special people out there (Lindsay, Rich, Jairus and Conrad I mean you!), but it was time to get back in the action of a big city and LA had long been on my list.

So, being back in an urban setting I find myself enjoying more put together outfits and adding more makeup to my everyday routine. One thing I have been doing lately is focusing on the eyes- full brows and a slightly darker eye for daytime. I call it the new natural smokey eye and I think Taylor Hill is doing an awesome job rocking it. It is super easy and when you stay with neutral colors, and in brown hues, it looks good on everyone. Here's how you can get the look:

Taylor Hill for  Numero  Russia 

Taylor Hill for Numero Russia 

1. Use an eye cream to moisten the eye are and prep it for color application. I like the one from Restorsea.

2. Draw a line three quarters of the way across your eye lid near the lashes with a cream eye shadow pencil in a neutral brown or grey color. I've been using the Stay Perfect shadow pencil from Boots No7 in Velvet Truffle. 

3. Quickly, before the shadow sets, blend with your ring finger up and across your lid for full application across the lid. You may want to go back in with a brush and make sure you lines are soft and blended.

4. Line along the upper lash line with a creamy dark brown pencil. It will vary on how thin or thick you decide to make the line, but always blend it a bit with your finger or a brush for a softer feel. I like to keep my line really tight against (or even into) the lashes and go a tad thicker on the outer corners to make my eyes appear bigger and more awake. I'm loving the La Bella Donna eyeliners and especially the color Basic Brown.

5. Curl lashes.

6. Apply one coat of mascara for a more natural look and two if you are dressing up. I am beyond in love with Boots No7 Stay Perfect Long Lasting Volume Mascara in Black. It builds little filaments onto your lashes so you get incredible length and separation. Then, when it is time to remove it you simply pull the filaments off with warm water. It never leaves a mess and you can say good bye to raccoon eyes!

7. Brush out brows. Apply a colored brow gel at the middle to the end section of brows and wiggle side to side to work product into brows. Brush out once more and shape. My go-to brow gel is by Lavera in Hazel Blonde (which is pretty dark, so if you are blonde with light brows go for a lighter color). 

I hope you enjoy trying this new smokey daytime look. Let me know how it goes. Also, those super cute towels in my post are still available online at West Elm as a collaboration with Coyuchi and they are even on sale. Check 'em out! #ethical #naturalfibers