Spending the winter in Jackson Hole, my skincare needs have drastically changed. I found that I needed a gentler and more hydrating routine. If you are thinking of changing up your beauty routine for a drier climate and perhaps colder environment, I can't recommend these products enough!

INSTANT FOAMING CLEANSER, Caudalie, $32. This cleanser is super gentle and effective at removing makeup without stripping the skin of all its natural moisture. If your skin is dry, I would recommend the Cleaning Milk. It is even more mild and moisturizing. 

TIME RELEASE VITAMIN D MOISTURE MIST, Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics, $39. Great for reducing redness and helping to keep skin in check throughout the day.

ARGAN OIL, Josie Maran, $48. People swear by this oil! If you have sensitive skin that is acne- prone, this oil is actually one of the best things for your skin. I have very sensitive skin and food, lack of sleep, or an environment change can trigger a breakout. I recently was dealing with some irritated dry skin with a touch of acne around my mouth and after two days of using this oil, it started to heal (when I had been 'letting it be' for about 2 weeks already!).

START OVER EYE CREAM, Sunday Riley, $85. For whatever reason, this year I started to see bags under my eyes. I have always used eye cream, but with the new appearance of bags, I knew it was time to use a puffiness reducing cream. Start Over has been touted as the miracle eye cream when it comes to reducing puffiness and giving your eyes an overall lift. I'm still early on in my use of this cream, but almost instantaneously you can see a little lift and tightening. :);

REFLECTING LIP GLOSS, Juice Beauty, $15. A touch of sparkle goes a long way during the holiday season, and this tinted lip gloss is both hydrating and festive!


STEM CELLULAR MOISTURIZER, Juice Beauty, $65. Sometimes the argan oil is enough moisture, but on really cold or dry days, I do need another layer of moisture. This Juice Beauty moisturizer nourishing skin and also gives it an anti-aging boost!

SKIN PERFECTING SCREEN SPF 30, Radical Skincare, $55. All of these great products would be rendered useless without including a skin protecting sunscreen to help prevent damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. What I love about this product is that it is super lightweight and once applied has a matte finish. 

NATURAL MOUSSE MAKEUP CREAM, Lavera Organics, $20. Whipped and light, this foundation is great for evening out skin tone and covering any small blemishes without looking like you've piled on makeup. Apply with a foundation brush for the most even and natural look.

PRO MAKEUP BRUSH SET, Andre Lorent, $20. Having the right makeup brushes are as essential as a carpenter having the right tools. The precision and flawless application they help deliver makes all the difference. This set is great because it includes all the basics.

LUMINIZER, Bare Minerals, $37.50. With a puffy blush or bronzer brush swirl on a touch of shimmery luminizer on your cheekbones, brow bones, and décolletage for a snow bunny sun-kissed look.

EYE PENCIL, Tarte, $19. Smokey grey is one of my favorite eye pencil colors. It is so versatile and can be applied with a light or heavy hand to get a desired effect. For a more natural look during the ski season, I lightly line my upper lash line and blend it into my lashes with the smugger end so that my lashes appear slightly thicker without a harsh line. Finish with a light swipe of mascara.

GLOSSY LIPS, Lavera Organics, $18.50. Once you've got a touch of a ski tan going, a lighter lip color is just the thing to finish your look! I always opt for one that is a couple shades lighter than my natural lip color, and will even combine colors to get the right hue. There is something so sweet and fresh about wearing a light lip color in the winter!