OVERSIZED ARAN KNIT SWEATER , c/o Chinti & Parker, $328 #fairproduction #carbonneutral #naturalfibers

OVERSIZED ARAN KNIT SWEATER, c/o Chinti & Parker, $328 #fairproduction #carbonneutral #naturalfibers

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by. I feel like 2014 was on hyperlapse! And because the end of the year came about so quickly, I nearly forgot to reflect on the things I am most grateful for from the last year. Luckily, my Instagram feed proved a worthy reminder. Many of the people I follow and look up to took the time to call out what they were proud of, celebrating, or simply feeling gratitude toward from 2014, and it prompted me to take a look at my own milestones. So often our default mode is to focus on what we didn't get done, or what we felt was not good enough. Yet, the end of a year is a wonderful time to take stock on what you HAVE done. Do this little exercise with me...

Think about the major events, projects, initiatives, ideas or trials you've had in your life over the past year. How have you fared? Would you say you are better having done them or gone through them (even if they didn't turn out exactly the way you had hoped)? I'm betting the answer is yes. And when you shift your lens to see the good in what you've done or been through, instead of letting a negative thought have the upper hand, you do find these personal milestones that you can celebrate. For me this past year, writing and having my book come out was huge! I didn't make the New York Times Bestseller List (yet!), and I don't need to in order to acknowledge myself and the massive work I put into something. I also launched a new website, moved into a new home, started a new company (more on that later), and brought fitness back into my life. #happinessis

As I look forward to 2015, I have new intentions and goals that I am setting. I will have all kinds of expectations about what these things look like and how they will perform, but at the end of another year, the lesson I am learning is to release the expectations and celebrate the progress.

What about you? What milestones are you acknowledging from 2014? What goals are you setting for 2015?

While you mule those questions over, here is a little visual recap of my 2014...