I am beyond thrilled to finally share something that I have been working on for the past few months (and just in time for the holidays!)... my Clean Beauty Kits! Being an non-toxic beauty ambassador, I wanted to pull together the best of the best in natural beauty and offer it at an approachable price to help introduce others to clean beauty as well as highlight new and noteworthy products. Voila! Gloss Beauty Lab was born! The products are all vetted to be amazing, pure and perform. The real magic lies in how they are curated together in my themed kits.

To start there are three kits:

DESERT ISLAND- five essential products you want no matter where you are stranded

CITY SLICKER- five products to help get your glamour on and combat dull 'city skin' 

JET-SET- for those flying high, five products to help keep you moisturized and feeling fresh

Each kit goes for $49 and includes five products with varying sizes: sample, super sample, travel and full size products. I like to think of the kits as beauty boosters for your existing routine. They also make perfect gifts! The best part is, when you fall in love with the products inside (we know you will) you can head over to GlossBeautyLab.com and order the full size products a la carte. Or opt for another kit to get your through your travels.


This is just the beginning and I can't wait to roll out more curated kits to come! For now, I hope you enjoy the three starter kits. They make great gifts and I have them pre-wrapped and ready to go to your nearest and dearest. Go ahead, and get glossy, I know you want to! xx