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Jet Setter Natural Beauty Basics for Your Next Trip

Greta EaganComment

This summer has proved to be a very busy travel time for me (being 'home-free' might have something to do with it... hehe) and as a result I find my skin needing some travel TLC. These products are the beauty essentials I would recommend to anyone logging more travel hours than spin cycle classes to help keep your skin in tip top shape.

IN TRANSIT SPRAY ON MOISTURE, This Works Skincare, 18 GBP. A lightweight moisturizer in spray on form that is perfect for summer and easy to reapply throughout the flight to keep skin hydrated.

TIRED EYES TOPICAL MARINE TREATMENT OIL, Marie Veronique Organics, $200. The price is hefty but so are the results! By increasing the formation of collagen, this miracle treatment creates thicker, younger and brighter skin with noticeable results in just three months. 

BLUE CLAY SPOT TREATMENT MASK, Herbivore Botanicals, $18. Stale airplane air really wreaks havoc on my skin and I rest assured that I can fix any blemishes that pop up with a treatment mask. This one is especially great because you travel with it in the dry form and add water when ready to use. Do an all over application and leave on for 10- 15 minutes, or use as a spot cream overnight. 

TEA TREE LIP BALM, Swanson, $1.99. If you haven't tried tea tree lip balm yet,  you are in for a treat! Not only is it wonderfully refreshing (imparting a slight tingle), it has natural antibacterial properties that help ward off germs floating in the flight cabin. Double trouble in the best way!

SILK SLEEPING MASK, Lovarti, $18.29. Splurge on a silk sleeping mask as the silk fabric helps fend off wrinkle marks and protect your delicate eye area as you snooze. This one is handmade from an Etsy maker in Poland.