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Tulip Nail Art Tutorial

Greta EaganComment

I've been wanting to try out this tulip nail art ever since Jin Soon shared the inspiration this spring. When new non-toxic nail brand Aila sent me a couple colors to try I felt they were perfect for this tulip trend. In the images below I'll walk you through how to get this look.

(PS- My tulip tips are posing with Normal headphones- headphones 3D printed to fit my ears perfectly. Check them out!)

1. Apply a base coat and then add one coat of your 'stem under color.' I used WheatGrass green from Aila. 

2. On my ring finger I applied a V shape of a darker green shade from Zoya called Suvi (similar to this one from Butter London called British Racing Green) for a little extra detail. 

3. Next draw half circles (I free-handed them and it wasn't too hard) on both sides of your nail with a 'petal' color. I used 5 Senses from Aila for my tulip petals. It usually takes two coats to get an even look and more vibrant color.

4. Apply a clear top coat and you are good to go! Feeling inspired? What color combo are you going to try?