Growing up in Jackson Hole, my first job was working in a store on the town square called Wyoming Wear. We sold lots of polar fleece jackets, pants and even socks! Back then it was all about function- mainly staying warm in the sometimes harsh winters. Today, guarding against -14 is still a priority, but there are a few more fashionable items to bring form and function together. This fall was surprisingly warm and on one of the last snow-free days I layered two dresses, one jacket, knee socks and a pair of boots to express my Wyoming Woman style. It has been wonderful to play with the heritage style of this beautiful state, and to infuse some modern pieces coming from favorite designers in LA and New York to bring into focus my past and present selfs.   

PLAID DRESS, Jessica Faulkner via OrangeHarp, $168. #madeinLA #fair #social

LEATHER JACKET, The Sway NYC, $620. #upcycled

(photos by: Lindsay Linton)