Last Friday was my birthday and my sweet boyfriend planned a surprise b-day weekend in a place I had not yet been and always wanted to visit... Copenhagen! I've always know that Copenhagen (Scandinavia in general) is a place of exceptional design and very forward thinking. What I didn't know was how much of a culinary mecca Copenhagen is. Some of the best chefs in the world are in Copenhagen letting us in on their genius with set course menus at their perfectly appointed restaurants. What a treat! 

My birthday lunch was at the world famous Noma, and head chef Rene Redzepi gave us a tour of the kitchen and their MAD scientist lab after. It was amazing. I've never met someone so committed to the future of food and thinking about it in a way that encompasses sustainability while pushing the boundaries of taste. Truly inspiring. Rene and his team have big plans for the future (shared in this NY Times article), which include the closing of Noma in less than a year's time. So, if you've always wanted to go, seize the day! But don't worry, they aren't closing because they are done with food. On the contrary, they are ready for the next phase and that involves a new space and a wider reaching concept. Stay tuned and definitely go to Copenhagen when you can.