FMG TV: Dream Life Manifesting with Tara Mackey

We've all heard about the power of the mind, but do we realize the impact both negative and positive thoughts have on our lives? Tara Mackey is the author of Cured By Nature: How to Heal from the Inside Out, Find Happiness, and Discover Your True Self and the blogger behind Overcoming a challenging past, she's created the life of her dreams using her thoughts. Her story of 'being born on drugs' as a child of a heroine addict, and the early exposure she had to trauma in her life propelled her into a dark cycle of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors trying to treat and remedy her emotions and health issues. By the time Tara was 24 she was on 14 different medications, and hit the tipping point where she decided to reclaim her life.

Choosing challenge over comfort, adventure over safety, or visibility over invisability is an investment in ourselves.
— Tara Mackey, Cured By Nature

What follows is an amazing journey of self discipline and commitment to creating the life she wanted for herself... drug-free and full of happiness. With a biology background and a researcher's mind, Tara replaced all of her prescribed medications with natural herbs, and self care practices that completely transformed her life. The biggest takeaway for me is how powerful the mind can be in keeping you stuck where you are or helping you to create a life more fulfilling than your wildest dreams. Tune into this episode of FMG TV to see how Tara shaped her mind into a positive powerhouse and learn her tried and tested tips for manifesting that which you desire. 

I'd also like to share that if you are looking to come off of pharmaceutical drugs that you may be using to treat chronic symptoms or conditions, a really good option is to consult a naturopathic doctor. I just learned about a company called Parsley Health that offers such a service. Use this code for $100 off at Parsley Health: RADIANCE

For all you clean beauty junkies, there's a fabulous chapter on green beauty that helps you approach the green beauty scene from a very holistic place with supplements, diet (including fermented foods and smoothies), and home beauty recipes for masks and treatments. One gem that she talks about in the book is DIM, a supplement made from cruciferous veggies that helps to balance hormones (namely estrogen) and clear skin. My skin has become calmer and happier in the last couple of years, but I am still susceptible to breakouts and flair ups from product buildup or traveling. I took two capsules of Solaray's Dim Supreme and literally overnight my skin was happier and without irritated bumps that started to show up the day before. Thank you Tara! (To be safe, check with a healthcare provider first before you take any supplements.)

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