Patching it Together

This past weekend I attended the Awesome Women Entrepreneurs conference at Wanderlust in West Hollywood. What I loved most was the intersection of spirit and business. I don't know if it's a female thing and just a natural disposition we have to operate from a place of intuition and connectedness to do business, but it was wonderful to acknowledge and affirm the importance of both aspects. 

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The speakers were fabulous and the reading list super helpful. In case you weren't there, I've included my personal takeaways here. 

Danielle La Porte- Her name has surfaced in my circle before, but I haven't yet studied her work or taken in her wise words. She gave an amazing talk on the stage that left the room buzzing with power and potential. I picked up a copy of her book The Desire Map, which is all about get clarity on what you want and setting goals that align with your soul. Can't wait to start! She also wrote the Fire Starter Sessions, which I had heard of and also would like to read.

Kate Northrup- Coincidentally (or not so) I was reading her book, Money: A Love Story, before I signed up to attend the conference. I've found it to be a great resource for looking out how you FEEL about money which subconscious instructs how you make it, manage it, and even value yourself. I fully recommend this book! The loudest message I heard was, "Your financial well-being is directly linked to your ability to be of the utmost service in this world. Your commitment to financial freedom is a commitment to the betterment of all beings."

Radha Agrawal- The co-founder of DayBreaker (a get up and dance 6:30- 8:30am sober dance party to start your day). Radha's energy and pure passion for her purpose to create businesses that make the world and everyone's experience of it better is so inspiring and contagious! Radha is a serial social entrepreneur and such a great example of where following your heart and curiosity can lead. I am going to my first DayBreaker event on November 16th in West LA. Join me?


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Photos by Felicia Lasala. Special thanks to Article One for sponsoring this post.