Morticia Adams

I've never been one to 'celebrate' Halloween, but I will admit that some of those classic movies and characters that seem to make a comeback each year hit the spot. From BeetleJuice to Death Becomes Her, and The Adams Family, I have fond memories of staying up late with friends during sleepovers and scheming costumes to trick or treat in. Fast forward to today and I find myself taking fashion cues from the icons- among them Morticia Adams. Though, not a literal translation into a costume, I was excited to create a modern look inspired by Morticia. 

I suppose all I would need to take this from an everyday outfit to 'Rad Costume' status is a pair of heels, white body paint, eyeliner (for eyes and eyebrows) and some lipstick. Hmmm, maybe I will indulge in the make-believe of Halloween after all... Hope you all have a fun and safe one! 


Eco Outfit Details

LONG SLEEVE LACE SHIRT DRESS, Reclaimed Vintage #upcycled #reclaimedfabric (This piece is currently on sale for $25! Snatch it up!)

LONG SLIP DRESS, (similar to one shown) Averti #madeinUSA #local #silk #naturalfibers

BUCKET BAG, Baggu via Amour Vert (gifted) #naturalmilledleather #madeinUSA

ANKLE BOOTS, (similar to ones shown) Charlotte Stone via Amour Vert


Photos by Felicia Lasala.