Gym Bag Essentials with Credo Beauty

Growing up in a ski resort town, with nature's playground offering a course for just about any kind of exercise, I'm not sure how or why I came to love gyms so much... I suppose I can trace it back to my time in London. When I lived in London, I ran outside a lot and played tennis too. But London is notorious for rain, and rain it did. So, I got a gym membership and really came to love the reliability of always having a place to get my exercise in- rain or shine, day or night. I also treat the gym a little like a spa. It helps trick my psyche into going in the first place! I shower, and steam, and sometimes even meditate in the sauna if I have it alone for a few minutes. I've found that taking a little extra time to pamper myself at the gym makes all the difference.

When Credo Beauty sent me their new clean beauty starter kit, I thought, "This will be great for my gym bag!" Here's a peek at what have become my gym essentials:

FLIP FLOPS- for post workout showers, and steam room or sauna sessions.

EARBUDS- when I want to plug into my tunes or the TV while I sweat it out.

I'M GLASSY WATER BOTTLE- this is  a new addition that I am loving! I used to recycle plastic bottles from buying bottled water when I'm running around (not always BPA-free) and reuse them. I know this isn't great because when they heat up (like when I leave them in my car and the sun bakes them) toxic molecules from the plastic release into the water and then I am basically drinking chemical water. My I'm Glassy water bottle is made of glass and perfect for reusing in a safe way. (gifted- thank you!)

CREDO BEAUTY DETOX BEAUTY KIT- with travel and sample size haircare, deodorant, cleansing balm, eye cream, face moisturizer, and a resurfacing mask (which I use after the shower and before I steam so it can sit while I steam for 10 mins), it really is the perfect gym bag companion. (gifted)

CLEAN UNDIES- a clean pair after a workout and pamper session make all the difference. 

What are your must-haves in your gym bag? Oh- and if you are loving any classes or workout exercises please share those too!