Eco-Outfit: Modern Jackie O Style

When I think of iconic style, Jackie Onassis always comes to mind. She had such a natural ease in the way she looked chic and pulled together, but never overdone. Her style is classic and timeless, but I thought this look may have transcended time and hints at a more modern and edgy Jackie O. One who lives in Venice, CA and mixes sensibility (the warm cashmere sweater) with a bit of the grit (distressed jeans) from her surrounding environment. Or, maybe she is rolling over in her grave at the thought of this outfit! Either way, this look was perfect for this cool weather we have been having in California. 

eco outfit details

SWEATER, Makintosh #fair #naturalfibers #ethicallymade 

JEANS, Current Elliot #madeinUSA #naturalfibers

BAG, Goyard #ethicallymade #investmentpiece

SHOES, Stella McCartney (similar to those shown) #vegan 

JEWLERY, Muses & Rebels #madeinLA 

Photos: Natasha Landenberger