Eco-Outfit: Crop it to Me

The cropped top trend has been around for a few seasons now, but finding the right level of crop in the right material makes all the difference in feeling confident and cool instead of like an Anime character. I was consciously moving away from the crop top (I already have a few options in my closet and felt I didn't need to further explore this trend), yet when I pulled on the cropped sweater from Averti my whole perspective on how I could look and feel in a crop top changed. 


CROPPED SWEATER, Averti #madeinLA #naturalfibers

JEANS, Paige Denim #madeinUSA

JEWELRY, Muses & Rebels

BROGUES, (similar to ones shown) Stella McCartney #vegan

The cut of this sweatshirt is so flattering and has that 'cool girl' feel without trying too hard. I found I wanted to wear this top with EVERYTHING! Paired here with jeans you can see what an easy wearable piece it is, but I could see myself layering it over a slip dress or overalls too. I also tried out the chocker trend with a clean and minimal piece from Muses & Rebels, and was again surprised by how much I loved it. I guess that goes to show, you just don't know what you don't know... until you try it.



Take this outfit from day to night by adding a statement belt and a pair of ankle booties with a heel.

We added this belt from B-Low The Belt, and I looked into their ethics as best I could. I do know they manufacture in China and use real leather. I don't know where that leather comes from or if it is treated with chemical or natural dyes... so please take the use of this belt in this post as a styling prop and not an item I am actually promoting. I hope to find an eco alternative to list in the future. 

Photos: Natasha Landenberger