Eco-Outfit: Call Me Cactus Lover

When the slip dress trend came back into style, I did not see myself joining in. That was before I discovered Averti- a LA-based brand that creates silky silhouettes that give you a whole new kind of confidence. Pair the amazing design detail with ombre indigo and you've made me a fan for life! For me, the key to making this outfit work was to bring in a bit of edge with a leather jacket and geometric booties to balance the femininity of the slip dress.


Eco Outfit Details

INDIGO OMBRE SLIP DRESS, Averti (one of a kind, please inquire directly to Averti) #madeinLA #naturalfibers #naturaldyes

BYRON BIKER JACKET, The Sway #upcycledleather #fairproduction

ANKLE BOOTIES, (similar to ones shown) Branded #vegan

JEWELRY, Muses & Rebels #madeinLA

If you are wondering about the tags behind each item, check out my Green Guide for the low down on how I shop green.

Photos: Natasha Landenberger