Three Apps to Help you Travel like a Local

A slight deviation from my normal posts, in the spirit of summer and travel, I wanted to share some fantastic resources to help make your trips more interesting, cultural and successful. 

The Culture List- a new app that curates smaller museums and venues with cultural installations and scientific exhibits. This app tunes into the smaller fries out there (less of the mainstream tourist traps) and helps you dive into experiences and activities alongside locals. Set your filter to a certain genre (science, culture, modern, etc) and let the location based app deliver the goods. You can even select the 'free' option for fun cheap thrills. 

Farfetch Discover- Long have I been a fan of Farfetch. Their curation of fashion from around the globe made accessible through their one-stop marketplace is genius. Now, if you want to apply those same luxury standards to your travel shopping check out their app, Farfetch Discover, for style savvy city guides. Curated by city with the best boutiques- it is like having a local fashionista's  best of the best shopping list right in your pocket. To go green when you shop while traveling, look for items made in the country or city you are visiting. Also, you can always apply the Wear No Evil method (check out my book to learn more).

Atlas Obscura- Okay, so this one isn't an app, but it is a really unique resources. The name says it all- an atlas of obscure things.  There are some creepy things you'll find listed here, and also some pretty amazing hidden gems. What I like about the site is the historical element. You'll learn more about an area than meets the eye and get off the beaten path to experience it. Definitely not another boring travel site, and if you are the one in charge of organizing a date or group outing, you will get mad props for choosing something so interesting.