All Rise

There's a shift in the air. It's trending in a positive direction and changing lives. Lately I've been noticing (or attracting?) various people who are awake and alive- passionate about life and how to really live it. You can feel the energy and excitement pulsing through them. It's refreshing and contagious. 

Have you seen these people show up in your life? They have sparkling eyes and beaming smiles. They've usually been through something intense (haven't we all) and come through to the other side with resolve to be mindful and intentional about the life they are creating. A common denominator I've observed is meditation. And I get it. There's no better way to tune into yourself for guidance and Truth that you can't get anywhere else. It's awesome.

So the other day, I was thinking about how to support these shape shifters- myself included. And it seems like holding the space for each other to share what needs to be shared, and allowing for our own processes are key. More than any time before, I find myself talking about meditation, self care, spiritual practice and the power of thought with a variety of people. Is it just me, or are we collectively up-leveling?! With open hearts, minds, and ears, we all rise together to a new and, I daresay, better place.


Eco Outfit:

COAT, Mackintosh #handcrafted #madeinUK #naturalfibers

SWEATER, (similar to one shown) Rag & Bone #naturalfibers #madeinUSA

DRESS, borrowed from Penny Lane Cooperative in Jackson, WY (check out this post to learn more about this local gem!)

BOOTS, (similar to ones shown) Stuart Weitzman #madeinSpain

Moving into the cold weather season, I like to 'winterize' a summer dress with tights and a chunky sweater. The look is effortless and very suitable for cooler temps.