Little Help...

This past week I was in London- one of my favorite cities in the world! I traveled alone and stayed at a co-work/ co-live space called Roam in Chelsea. This was my first co-living experience, and it was pretty great. It felt like a cross between the Real World and Soho House. Lots of creative and entrepreneurial people living and working out of London. Good people to work beside, have an end of the day chat with, or even grab a drink. And, as I found out, call upon when you need help.

If you've ever been sick (I mean bedridden, can't even walk up the stairs, might throw up at any moment sick) while alone in a foreign country, you know how hard and scary it can be. This is exactly the situation I found myself in after getting a round of food poisoning. And, what I learned is this- you can ask for help. A complete stranger (also staying at Roam) went to the store to get me electrolyte water and plain crackers. And another very new friend who I also met at Roam went to the pharmacy and brought back activated charcoal (which, btw, I will always bring with me whilst traveling from now on). 

In the past, I was not one to ask for help. We Eagan's pride ourselves on pushing through and being strong. Yet, this time I heard my intuition nudging me to get some help. And to accept it, without guilt or shame. It was kind of a big deal for me. And I'm so grateful to those who did help when I needed it. Sure, I could have gotten through it on my own (maybe?) but it was nice to ask and get some of the support I needed. To better take care of myself. 

Be willing to ask for help, and offer to help when you see the chance.

I'm happy to report that I've recovered and am seeing this otherwise challenging experience as a new beginning. A sort of reset button to keep my body clean (inside and out) and healthy. Onwards and upwards!


Eco Outfit:

TOP, NIA #zerowaste #local #ethical

TROUSERS, NIA #zerowaste #local #ethical

JACKET, The Sway #upcycled #ethicalproduction

BOOTS, (similar to ones shown) Rag & Bone #madeinItaly


My friend Merica, from NIA, sent over pieces from her new collection and I fell in love with them! So soft, incredibly comfortable, and very stylish. What I liked most is how well they wear together- almost like a jumpsuit, but easier to get in and out of. The pattern and design are top notch and I can't wait to see what else she comes up with!



Photos shot in Boulder, CO by Kimberly Johnson of Kind Honey Photography.