So Seventies

I just got back from a trip to London, and on a jet-lagged evening trying to stay awake past 7pm I decided to take myself to the movies and see Battle of the Sexes. I must admit, going stag to the movies in London is one my favorite past times. I'm not sure if it's the size of the city or maybe that it's just culturally accepted to movie go on one's own, but I really do enjoy it. I went to see Battle of the Sexes because it was still playing and I heard it was good.

It was REALLY good! Set in the US in the 1970's when women were fighting for equal rights, treatment, and pay (wait, aren't we still fighting for that?). I had know idea what Billie Jean King, the famous tennis player, did for women not only in the field of tennis but in general. We owe her a major debt of gratitude. 

From a styling point of view, the seventies haircuts and bellbottom jeans were utterly awesome. And, so when I styled this look from XCVI I couldn't help but think I was tuned into that vibe. 


Eco Outfit:

TILDE CARDI, XCVI (gifted) #lowimpactdyes #ethicallymade

BELLBOTTOM JEANS (similar to ones shown), XCVI (gifted) #lowimactdyes #ethicallymade

BODYSUIT, American Apparel #madeinUSA


A mutual friend introduced me to XCVI, a LA-based brand with ethical roots. I was excited to learn that XCVI is a family owned and run brand with a relaxed and cool feel for every day essentials. They manufacture in both LA and China with WRAP certified factories, and use only low impact dyes. I'm a fan of their laid back aesthetic with a little design interest, which keep their pieces special and different from your average basics. 

XCVI was so sweet to extend a 10% discount to FMG readers when you click through here. xx


Photos by Kind Honey Photography in Boulder, CO. Many thanks to XCVI for sponsoring this post.