Outside View

Chatting with a couple of friends the other day, it became clear that we don't always see ourselves the way other see us. In particularly, we don't always see the value we naturally give. For whatever reason we tend to see our shortcomings more readily than the areas we thrive. Not only that, we can question our contributions as being worthy or not. That's when a little outside perspective comes in handy.

In a safe space with people who accept and support you, there's an opportunity to share your truest thoughts about where you are and what you want to do. And in that space is also an invitation to ask for feedback. We did this with a small group the other day and it was incredible. What struck me most was how clearly others see you and your value, while you might be questioning what you can give to the world. Sometimes we know what we want or need to do, but just need someone outside of ourselves (and minds) to say it, or to see the value we are ready to offer. Have you had this experience? I encourage you to share what you are up to and ask for feedback if you are unsure of how you want to proceed. Many minds are better than one, and may also see you more clearly than you see yourself.

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Eco Outfit Details:

BE LUXE TRACK PANT, Made By Riley #ethicallymade 

CAMEL SWEATSHIRT, Uzma Bozai #naturalfibers #ethicallymade 

WOOL CASHMERE BEANIE, Everlane #naturalfibers #transparentproduction

NAVY OVERSIZE COAT, Jil Sander via Rent the Runway #sharedfashion

SMILEY CROSSBODY BAG, Anya Hindmarch #ethicallymade #handcrafted 

SNEAKS, Pretty Ballerinas #ethciallymade #madeinPortugal 

My first day in London I met my friend Mona Lisa Godfrey for a stroll around Notting Hill and we stumbled upon a pop-up shop called Ethical Collection. I was beside myself with excitement! And my enthusiasm turned to sheer joy when I met co-founder Annina Youngblood who graciously allowed me to pull pieces from her lovely store to style. 

Absolutely everything in the store was curated to appease the most discerning fashionista and her ethics. It was a match made in heaven, and the best part is you don't need to be in London to shop their lovely collections- all you need is to follow this link. xx

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Photos by the lovely Kit Lee in Chelsea, London UK. Many thanks to Ethical Collection for contributing so many cool and eco pieces to this shoot!