Wait for it...

When I was fourteen, my Grandpa gifted me a fly fishing lesson with an outfitter called Reel Women. They taught me how to tie on my first fly and cast from ten to two, with just the right amount of pause on the back cast. I don't remember if I caught a fish that day, but I do remember loving the motion, serenity, and one-pointed concentration of fly fishing. I was hooked, and have been doing it every since.

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One of the things I love most about fly fishing is the game of it. You have to choose the right fly that the fish want to eat, cast it out to them in a natural way, and then allow it to float in the water (sometimes for long stretches) and wait for a fish to take the bait. If I were limited to two words to describe fly fishing I would say: presentation and patience. 

I feel like I'm learning this lesson of patience and waiting in my life- not just on the rivers and creeks. I've been doing Jess Lively's Flow With Intention Online course this month (I did it the first time in February) which is all about finding flow in your life.  She says to find alignment before action, and to wait for inspired action. Sounds easy. In real life, it can be tricky sometimes. The waiting game- especially when you're an entrepreneur- feels like a death sentence. Yet, I can actually feel my intuition nudging me to just wait and see. To trust the timing and maybe just this once flow instead of force... So, my fly is cast on the river of life and I feel myself fluctuating between being very zen and totally freaking out about the wait. But I'm waiting. Waiting until it feels like the right time to take action, and even learning to enjoy the process. 


Eco Outfit Details

BARCLAY TOP, Aventura $75 #organiccotton 

BRAMWELL VEST, Aventura $99 #ethicallymade


For this post I partnered with Aventura and loved learning about the brand's commitment to creating every day pieces with a country twist while upholding ethical and sustainable practices. If you live in the mountains, or have a trip coming up- definitely check them out!

We shot these photos at Astoria Hot Springs, which is where I learned to swim when I was little! I'm thrilled to share that the Trust for Public Land’s efforts to revive Astoria Hot Springs Park, as a new 100-acre, public park, centered around an innovative, affordable new outdoor public hot springs facility succeeded! To learn more about how you can support visit AstoriaHotSpringsPark.com.


Photos by the one and only Cole Buckhart