Make Space

I was having dinner with a couple of remarkable ladies the other night, and our conversation veered towards a vulnerable place. Through the natural flow of conversation we found ourselves identifying and speaking up for the need to make space. I'm not talking about cleaning out your closet, though I'm a fan of that too. What we were connecting to was the real and necessary human need we have to create enough space in our lives and minds to gain clarity and ask ourselves what we truly want from this life.

It was a powerful realization. I had been sharing my story of how I moved to LA last year and had an extremely challenging time. It was one of the hardest years of my life, to date. Yet, with that experience, I found my way and without a road map I began to make space for myself. I made time to read. I hiked almost daily in the Santa Monica Mountains and would prompt myself to think about what I wanted to do next on the way up, while letting it all go and simply appreciating the view and the fresh air on the way down. I wrote morning pages, and listened to smart and interesting podcasts. I attended conferences and dinner parties with inspiring people. Somehow, some part of me knew that I needed to push myself to expand and create more space to see what was possible. 

And through this make shift process I found myself again. With clarity and focus I received guidance from within. It was (and still is) incredible. It wasn't until I was sharing this at dinner and one of the women pointed out the value of creating that space that I realized how important the process was. Or that my doing it created a model for others. I want to do some version of it regularly. It's a way of checking in with our truest selves, I think. How about you? How do you make space for yourself and align with what's truly wanted of you in this life?



For this look, I pulled this dress from Penny Lane Cooperative. PLC is a local store in Jackson, Wyoming that showcases work and products from local artists. It's fantastic! The owner, Andi Keenan, has done an amazing job of curating a clothing boutique in the front of the space and housing pop-up stalls featuring a variety of local artists and producers in the back. As an active member of the community, she uses the space regularly to host how-to parties (they recently had one about making essential oil blends and beauty products!) and community events. 

I'm thrilled PLC is part of our small town scene, and can't wait to engage more fully with this special place. Check out their EVENTS page to see what's on deck!

Greta_EaganTallGrass__09-27-17-19 (1).jpg

Photos by Cole Buckhart. :)