Let's Celebrate!

I recently hit a milestone with a new company I soft launched (more soon!), and because life is busy and even though you've accomplished this one thing, there is still so much to do- I almost let the moment pass by without celebrating it. Almost. Then, I realized that life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. Taking time to acknowledge myself and my team and celebrate what we brought into reality is important. And so is taking that time to allow yourself to feel good. 

So, I was hiking with my dear friend Lindsay Linton and we were discussing this very thing, and it occurred to me that I don't want to have to wait to celebrate when something major happens (though that does feel like the right time to throw a party!). I want to celebrate every day. Find something every day worth tipping my hat to in acknowledgement and allowing my heart to swell for a minute while I embrace the positive feelings around it. In a way, I think I am already doing this when I write my appreciation list each night before bed. I simply reflect on the day and write out around ten things that I appreciate from the day. Now I am feeling inspired to find something each day to, in the moment, celebrate. Wanna join me? Let's share our celebration stories in the comments below. xx

Photos from the Teton County Fair in Jackson Hole, WY by Cole Buckhart