Future Positive

In the game of golf there is a term I love called Future Positive. It refers to your mental state as you play the game and more specifically right before you hit your next shot. Each time you step up to hit, you can either tell yourself, "Don't mess up this shot" (which is focusing on what you don't want to do- mess up the shot) or you can tell yourself, "I've got this and I am going to hit it straight." We get what we think about, so I try really hard to catch myself when a negative thought comes floating by. And instead of latching onto that thought and making it my own, I release it and replace it with a positive one. I do this in all aspects of my life.

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Let me give you a real life example. Summer is a busy time and lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with everything I have and want to do each day. My instant thought is, "I have too much to do and not enough time!" I stop and recognize how that thought is not making me feel good, and then I choose to replace it with a new thought: "I have enough time to do it all, and everything is working out perfectly for me." This thought calms my mind and limbic system. It helps me then approach my day from a positive mindset instead of a lack mindset, and guess what... I do get everything done and it works out perfectly. 

Can you relate to this? Stay positive my friends, it will change your world like you never imagined!



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Photos taken by Cole Buckhart at String Lake in Jackson Hole, WY.