Trust Yourself

I was recently chatting with Betsy Hosp, the author behind an upcoming book called Power of One Woman. She had asked me some questions for her book, and in the process sent me time traveling back to my youth. To my teenage years where I was exploring who I was and who I wanted to become. I don't know if you felt this way, but for me thirteen was a hard ass year to get through. Never had I felt so unsure of myself and how I wanted to present myself to the world. Plus hormones. Despite the hardship of that year, and trying to 'fit in' while being true to myself, I learned a valuable life lesson. I learned to trust myself. And, in some form or another, have been doing it ever since. 

I say 'some form or another' because it hasn't always been straightforward. There were times I felt far from myself and unsure of what I wanted. Yet, it always came back to me. I think when we are quiet enough and sit with ourselves long enough, we hear the guidance we are seeking... from non other than our very own selves. 

I believe there is a greater part of ourselves that is plugged directly into the Bigger Picture (what some may call Source, the Universe or God), and that part of ourselves (souls, spirit, etc) has our wellbeing in mind, and knows exactly what we truly desire and is orchestrating events around us to bring those desires into fruition. All we have to do is tune in and let that part of ourselves do the guiding. I apply this across the board! From picking out the clothes I want to wear, to the food I want to eat, to the words I type in a blog post or email. You know what I'm talking about, right? It's that inner tug you feel that nudges you to say yes or say no. Or an inspired thought to reach out to someone, or pick up a copy of the newspaper where you later read an article that speaks directly to you. 

I truly believe we all know what we want. We do. Put all the BS and excuses aside. If you keep expectations, judgements, and social norms out of it, you can more clearly follow yourself and trust that you know exactly how to create the life and the YOU that you are craving. 

Eco Outfit Details:

WORKOUT CROP BRA TOP, Cotton On Body (gifted) #ethicalsourcing #ethicalproduction

SHIMMER CROP TIGHT, Cotton On Body (gifted) #ethicalsourcing #ethicalproduction 


Cotton On is a brand that came onto my radar last year. They're an Australian brand that is quickly expanding across the globe. As an Australian brand, it was no surprise to learn they have a strong ethical and environmental commitment as a company. They ensure ethical and transparent production with their manufacturing partners as well as considered environmental actions to cut emissions and participate in recycling in their distribution logistics. 

Cotton On Body asked me to collaborate with them for their August sustainability campaign, and I'm excited to showcase their eco efforts. While they are not an 'eco brand' I commend their commitment to actively incorporating eco and ethical standards as part of their brand DNA. By 2018 they've vowed to source all cotton aligned with the Better Cotton Initiative. When big brands make commitments like this, it really moves the needle. Nice work Cotton On Body! 

Photos taken at Slide Lake in Jackson Hole, WY by the talented Mr. Cole Buckhart