Finding Fun

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I've decided to take that statement and give it a twist. See, the thing is, life if always moving forward. Like a river. It's gonna keep on flowing whether you want it to or not, so I figure I might as well enjoy it all along the way. Even when there are a bunch of lemons in the boat. I guess you could say it comes down to the 'glass half empty or full' perspective. For a number of years I found myself looking for the things that were wrong- with myself, my work, my house, my mate, etc. And if you look for them, you will find them. And if you make them your focus, that's all you see and you wind up being unhappy with your life. At least I did.

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Knowing that, I've decided not to look for the lemons anymore, and instead focus on finding the joy or fun in life that exists even when it's not my best moment. It could be as simple as appreciating my bed at night. The fact that I have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Or being grateful for a beautiful walk in nature. And when I go through something challenging and I put myself in this appreciation mindset, I usually see how a situation is actually working in my favor (even if it isn't what I would have chosen). 

This mindset doesn't mean that I don't have hard things that come up for me. They still exist and flow in and out of my life. I'm just choosing how I react and engage with them differently. And sometimes it takes me a few days to find the fun. The circumstance feels so negative and unwanted that I feel I can't possibly find the good in going through it. But, I always do. And when I do, I feel better. And when I feel better, life is more fun. So yeah- back to floating down the river of life... I've decided I'd like to enjoy the ride.


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I'm sure it comes as no surprise that living life through the lens of finding fun lead to an impromptu swim in Slide Lake. ;) Many thanks for Cole Buckhart for capturing the moment!