Go Your Own Way

I'm currently enrolled in Brooke Castillo's Self Coaching Scholars program. Jess Lively (one of my favorites in the self growth sphere) interviewed her on the Lively Show podcast (many thanks Eunique from Stranded On Land for introducing me!) and I felt like, 'That's my coach.' I'd been curious about life coaching and felt like the topic kept coming up amongst my girlfriends. I wanted coaching on how to go above and beyond my current potential and put some effort in that space to see what I could unlock. It takes work, and the work is worth it.

I'm really enjoying SCS. Brooke is a no nonsense lady with a big heart, and she provides amazing structure and a model to work through on the daily to get in the right mindset to achieve your dreams. If you need a kick in the butt to get going, you should listen to her podcast on productivity. Talk about getting shit done!

Everything was going great and then this last week I kind of hit a speed bump. So much of what Jess talks about on the Lively Show is about flow, and I did her Flow With Intention Course in the spring and it set me on a totally new trajectory for which I am very grateful. I feel like I'm having to balance the action oriented structure of SCS with the 'go with the flow' approach that Jess shares. This past week was challenging. I struggled to find my way and what felt like the 'right way' of working. 

Luckily, I went on a walk with my friend Liz Gibbs, who simply stated that we can take in the advice and methodology of others and then we have to make it our own. The good news is, we really do know how to make it our own. Just listen to yourself and you'll feel the guidance. She reminded me of this, and I felt it right away. 

Brooke's structuring is a little overboard for me, and that's okay. I can be inspired by her methods and then apply them as they work for me (ie: planning out each week instead of the entire month). I do the same with what I am getting from Jess. I do think that finding that good feeling before I act is important, and I'm leaving room in my schedule for that, while balancing my 'to do' list from Brooke. 

It feels important to have goals and things we are invested in and building or working towards. At the same time, I think it's necessary to enjoy life in the current moment and allow time for the things and people we enjoy. I'll admit that finding the balance isn't always easy, but being aware of it and putting attention there feels like a step in the right direction. In the end, I hear Fleetwood Mac in my head telling me to... 'Go your own way!'


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