Snow Skirt

Eco Outfit Details


QUILTED SKIRT Nohmii #ethicallymade #madeinUSA

LEATHER JACKET (similar to one shown) #vegan

BOOTS (similar to those shown) #vegan

In a ski resort town such as Jackson, we're pretty familiar with the term 'snow skirt.' Only, we're usually talking about that bit of extra fabric that cinches tight underneath your ski jacket to keep the powder from pushing up underneath. Yet, the snow skirt I'm talking about is the nifty thing you see me sporting in this post. Nohmii's quilted skirt is not only stylish, it's your best friend on a cold day in ski country. Like a puffy for your legs, it truly is a wonderful winter staple. 


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Thanks to Nohmii for sponsoring this post, and to Cole Buckhart for the beautiful photos.