FMG TV: Five Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift store shopping can be intimidating for even the most seasoned shopper. Yet, unique gems and steeply discounted designer goods make it well worth it. Watch this short video to learn my five tips for a successful trip to the secondhand store.

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And, as always, please feel free to weigh in with your own tips and favorite thrift stores in the comments. Here are my go-to thrift stores:

SECOND TIME AROUND, New York City- Nolita, NY. When I lived in NYC this was a staple for me. A great place to bring items and pick up a couple while they sift through your pile. I always found it best suited supplying that certain piece I needed to make an outfit work. Great for basics and wardrobe builders. 

WASTELAND, Los Angeles- Melrose, CA. Where the cool kids and social media mavens like Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner shop. Perfect for incorporating the LA vibe into your wardrobe with a range of mainstream to designer fashion finds.

COMMON THREADS, Boulder CO. A really great curation of contemporary and designer fashion wares. I usually pick up a pair of shoes and a top or two when I visit.

MOSS, Austin TX. For those who care about fashion with a capital F. This designer resale store puts every other secondhand store to shame! Such a lovely space and curated to a T. Everything is in premium condition and hits a super high style standard. Plus, the gals that work there act as personal stylist to guide you.