The Sun Also Sets

I feel like the Universe has been trying to deliver a message to me lately... Well, one message with two parts. The first part is that change is constant in life. And, as I am learning, change is an agent for growth. Change can be scary and hard, and sometimes even painful when we are experiencing loss, but it wouldn't exist in this world if it didn't serve a purpose. That purpose is to fuel our growth- as friends, lovers, family members, leaders, inventors, etc. To get us to look inside and introspect and to also adapt as we reach for our dreams. The second part is that in order to embrace change we have to be willing to leave things and people who no longer serve us behind. It isn't because they are bad or wrong, it is just because we are entering into a new stage where we may need new resources and experiences to keep growing and evolving. I find it very hard to let go. I always have. So this is my current test. To embrace change and with it allow for past comforts to fade away. As they say, onward and upward!

Eco Outfit Details

DENIM BUTTON DOWN, American Eagle #secondhand #naturalfibers

JEANS, Acne Studios #naturalfibers

HAT, borrowed from a friend #sharedfashion

BEADED BELT, borrowed from a friend #sharedfashion


Photos by Cole Buckhart in Jackson, WY.