She's Gone Country

This September I returned to Wyoming, and I returned to myself. I forgot how good it feels to take a walk on a back country road and listen to the leaves rustle in the wind. I forgot how broke down trucks make the scene complete. And I forgot how important it is to take your shoes off and connect to the earth. 

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Lately, I'm trying hard to stay in the present moment. I'm not sure if it is our current culture and obsession with success, goals and plans, but I'm finding it challenging. Can anyone else relate? Contentment is another word that comes to mind. I try to practice being content where I am. It isn't easy. I'm a driven person and have so many ideas and dreams. Yet, I'm beginning to wonder if the key to happiness is the balance between striving for what you want in life while also enjoying where you are all along the way. Is that possible? I'd love to hear what you guys think. Do you have ways of practicing contentment or staying in the present moment?

Eco Outfit Details

SILK CAMISOLE, La Perla #naturalfibers

OVERALLS, #secondhand

PLAID BUTTON DOWN, Zara #naturalfibers

HAT, borrowed from a friend #shared

Photos by Cole Buckhart in Jackson Hole, WY.